Thrune Stormborn

Thrune, the Demigod


Standing at 6’4" and weighing 220lbs. This strong figure comes with shoulder length blonde hair, and deep blue eyes.

He enjoys long walks through the snow and drinking whiskey by the fire.

Thrune is rather headstrong and goal oriented, he is used to being right and doing whatever it takes to get the job done.


Thrune was born during the winter solstice. He was born in a town somewhere in the snow capped Skytip Mountains. Many believed him to be a son of the gods as a single clap of lightning and bolt of thunder struck the highest mountain upon taking his first breath of air.

Throughout his adolescence he was trained as a warrior, wielding a warhammer he and the town’s blacksmith created. Unfortunately he has yet to show any signs of any divine or supernatural powers throughout his life. On his 21st birthday he decided to leave his homeland. His journeys has led him towards the south, forcing him to trek through the heat and battling creatures he thought were only in books. His hopes that this journey somehow leads him to unlocking the powers many believe that he has.

Thrune Stormborn

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