Tziq of clan Tanglethorn

Ithaki Barbarian


Rugged and unkempt, Tziq of the Tanglethorn clan stands in stark contrast to the austere imperial trappings and architecture of the settlement he finds himself in. His short, stout frame chiseled by survival in this gods forsaken waste betrays his heritage as that of an Ithaki savage. Anyone familiar with the area would immediately recognize him and his Halfling ilk. Most regard the Halflings with suspicion or nervous distrust. Yet others know the value of these people and are happy to deal with them, or exploit them.

The concerns of others seem not to matter to Tziq at the moment as he crouches alone in the shade of an awning. He sharpens some wicked, primitive weapon and peers unfocused into the distance. Instinctively he pauses and pulls a thin linen scarf over his face in time for a sandy gust of wind to blow past. It tousles his stringy, black hair briefly revealing jagged, painful looking tattoos inscribed on the the sides of his scalp.

As the wind abates his gaze once again settles on some far off place and a look of determined purpose furrows his brow.

Tziq of clan Tanglethorn

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